The Cucuteni Eneolithic Art Museum – Unique in Romania, hosting the most important Eneolithic art collection in Southeastern Europe. Photo Gallery and Video

09 Feb 2015

The Cucuteni Eneolithic Art Museum was inaugurated on the 24 June 2005, in the occasion of the ‘Piatra Neamt city’ Day, around the celebrating of 120 years since the discovery of the eponymous resort of the Cucuteni culture and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Museum of History and Archaeology .



Cucuteni Museum is basically fulfilling the wish of several generations of archaeologists and - at the same time it is a recognition of the constant efforts made for over seven decades by the Museum of History and Archaeology Piatra-Neamt, which is the main institution of its kind in Romania that contributed to the research and valuing of the Cucuteni cultural heritage through numerous cultural, national and international scientific manifestations (sessions, seminars, symposiums, conferences) and through publications (magazines, collections, monographs, summaries, directories, catalogs, brochures, flyers), made entirely or in collaboration, thus,  presently, the Cucuteni Culture is the prehistoric European civilization that is studied the most extensively.


In addition, the History and Archaeology Museum created a formal organizational framework, unique in the country, exclusively intended for the research and valuing of the cultural patrimony Cucuteni The International Research Center for the Cucuteni Culture, whose headquarters is located just inside the new museum.

(Establishing the museum was based on the State Government Decision no. 109 dated 5 February 2004, by which, the buildings that belonged to the subsidiaries of the National Bank of Romania, from a series of county-seat municipalities, including Piatra Neamt, were transferred under the subordination of the county museums in those areas, in order to be transformed into museum units.)



The building that hosts this exceptional exhibition, is registered on the List of Historical Monuments (code: LMI-NT-II-m-B-10573) and it is located in the very historic center of Piatra Neamt, very near the builiding comissioned by the Mushatini (the Royal Court, the "Royal St. John" Church and its bell tower) and other major museums, which are part of the Neamt County Museum Complex (the Royal Court, the Art Museum and the Museum of Ethnography).













Masculine statuette Tarpesti Precucuteni III



The 'Hora Dance' Vase  - Bodesti Cucuteni A


Amphora with animal silhouettes  - Poduri Cucteni B


Binocular Vase - Ghelaiesti Cucuteni B


Museum visiting program:

Monday is closed.
10: 00-18: 00 (April to September)
9: 00-17: 00 (October to March)

Fees for visiting the museum:

The permanent exhibition:
- Students and soldiers - 2 lei
- Individual and group adults - 4 lei

Temporary exhibitions:
- Individual and group - 2 lei

Photographing and video Fee: 10 lei

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