The Exquisite Egg Museum in Vama, Bucovina, North of Romania

27 Apr 2015



The Egg Museum from Vama offers visitors a collection of more than 3000 eggs, made by different techniques




Visiting Bucovina one gets to choose from various objectives to be seen there: the famous monasteries, like Suceviţa, Voronetz, Putna, Varatic, but also the Egg Museum ... In the same time, one could also taste the local culinary products.



While driving, one will be taken by the landscape but nevertheless, one should do his best to get to the village called Vama ... ''An egg museum? One could question himself... The ones who decided to visit it ... can recommend to other tourists to visit the Egg Museum of Vama, since they will remain charmed about what they have learned there.  



For those who have never heard of the Easter eggs tradition in Bucovina, the museum name could make you think of the different aspects of the eggs that we all consume. But things are so different: the museum of Vama has a famous traditional craftsmanship, that of the painted eggs or ,,written"- so called, the famous hand-painted eggs that have become a symbol of the Easter tradition in Romania.



The Egg Museum of Vama offers visitors a collection of more than 3000 eggs, made by different techniques. In the 22 windows you can admire two types of eggs: those of Bucovina and those from around the world gathered for 12 years by the artist Letitia Orshivschi, during her participation in international exhibitions.


The oldest eggs of Bucovina are part of the family patrimony and were made more than 50 years ago. Perforated eggs from Czech Republic, scratched eggs from Germany, carved ones specific for the Slovak tradition, they will all surprise you, they will charm you and convince you to be more and more fascinated by the mastery of the ,,painted eggs." Some types of eggs displayed at the museum are very interesting due to their rarity: the flamingo eggs, the crocodile and turtle eggs, but also small eggs such as pheasant, peacock, pigeon or ostrich eggs.


After visiting this museum, most assuredly, you would like to learn too how to make these masterpieces. No problem! You are invited to participate in the workshop organized for tourists who are interesting to discover the oldest and the latest techniques in achieving ,,the painted eggs", to understand the symbols of the models and to create their own piece of art.









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