Marine Museum at Sulina: The Treasure from the depths. Photo

15 Oct 2015

Pascale Roibu and Iulian Rusu are two self-taught young men, passionate about history, about diving and about the fantastic stories of fishermen in Sulina area, who speak of the existence of some buried treasure of great value in the mysterious depths of the sea. The two have documented their interests, studied more than four years and they were helped by the info they got from the "The Illustrated London News" Yearbook from 1861 that speaks about the ships sank around Sulina.


"Very important for us, was the 1861 image of Sulina, image showing buildings that still exist now. It is ‘St. Nicholas’ church we are talking about, which is still standing and was given as a benchmark for the place where the shipwreck that we managed to find now, is positioned. "


The two divers, members of the Explorer Marine Club in Constanta did not give up after their first failed attempts, and, behold, it seems that Fortuna Goddess smile at them, because this year (2015) they made a fabulous discovery.




6 km from Sulina, 7 meters deep and not far from shore, the divers found in one day wreckage of three ships, two commercial and one of war. In the storage place of the last one, they have stumbled across a real arsenal. Over 100 iron balls, and canon wheels. The first seems to be an English frigate and the other two were commercial ships and probably, they transported cereals.




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