Romanian Literature Museum in Iasi, recently became a museum of national importance. Photo

08 Dec 2015

Romanian Literature Museum in Iasi has, since October 2015, the title of museum of national importance, certified by a decision of the Romanian Government.

On October 14, during a Government meeting, it was approved the decision on granting the title of museum of national importance to the Romanian Literature Museum in Iasi and also the change of its name was approved.




Thus, after it became a meeting point for the most important writers in the country and abroad within FILIT 2015 (International Festival of Literature), the Romanian Literature Museum in Iasi, led by writer Dan Lungu, will be able to develop museal activities, to accede to new opportunities in establishing partnerships with cultural institutions and museal / international professional networks and, not least, will increase its chances of accessing funds for different types of projects.




Obviously, this is a gret year for our museum: Getting a national rank alongside with the well deserved recognition, also enriching ourselves with a new museum, the ‘Cezar Petrescu’ Memorial House, inaugurated during FILIT, at Cotnari, and one of our temporary exhibitions traveled to Paris and Alicante. I am glad that the revitalization strategy that I proposed two and a half years ago, gives concrete results, as one can see", said Dan Lungu, the Romanian Literature Museum in Iasi Manager.


























 Mihail Codreanu Memorial House



Translated and arranged after an article by: Ramona Iacobute






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