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12 Jan 2016


Romania holds many records, both at European and global level – and this, for many reasons: from artifacts unique in the world,  to exceptional natural wealth,  from remarkable inventions, to outstanding artistic achievements.


Our country is well acknowledged at European levelwith a unique track record in the field of music and musical instruments: the violins factory in Reghin became in 2015,  the biggest factory of wooden musical instruments in Europe!


"In 1951 the first violins were manufactured in Reghin, at the “Wood Metal Cooperative  Reghin“. In 1952-1953, mandolins and guitars, also began to be manufactured here, and the production capacity was enlarged, starting with musical instruments for children or students up to maestro instruments." (EM,





 „The Violins factory SC HORA SA of Reghin, exceeded 4.5 million instruments manufactured over the 64 years since the company began operating, said Nicolae Bazgan, the  general manager. He mentioned that if in 1970 the factory used to produce 40,000 musical instruments per year, in 1982, it doubled its production capacity, and it continued to grow, up to our days, when the plant currently has the capacity to produce between 100,000 and 120,000 musical instruments.





Nicholas Bazgan stated that SC HORA SA became the largest factory of wooden musical instruments in Europe, after the main competitors from Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary have disappeared or reduced their activity.





Currently, the factory is recognized and appreciated by competitors, as well as music consumers from all continents, approximately 90% of the factory production being exported.





"The success consists of using old wood, never fresh, as a must, this special wood being conditioned after cutting of a minimum five years stay; we have special warehouses where the timber is dried, without having distortions in it and with no chance for cracks in the future.


Currently, over 85% of the company’s production is exported to European Union countries, to Russia, Japan, US or Canada.



Bibliography: agerpres, rador,

Translated and arranged after a report by: Madalina Corina Diaconu

Photo sources: internet



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