Legend of Sighisoara Citadel Tower’s Clock

17 Jan 2016


Sighisoara Citadel Towers are impressive and they all have a unique, fascinating story.


The Clock Tower is basically the symbol of Sighisoara and is one of the most interesting touristic sights in Mures. Built in the fourteenth century, it is the most imposing fortress tower, visible from almost every corner of the city from Mures County. Its purpose was to defend the main gate of the Citadel, and also served as the town hall until 1556.


Legend has it that the tower clock does never stay behind, so that the people from Sighisoara and the tourists visiting the Citadel, set their watches by the time shown by the tower clock. The roof is a pyramid shaped one,  with a height of 34 meters, having over, two bulbous domes coated with copper sheet.






The roof of the clock tower ends with a small golden globe, and over this, it was built a meteorological mast on top of a cock, whose role is to rotate itself in the wind. Besides, if the rooster is facing the west, citadel’s inhabitants have the guarantee that rain will follow shortly.



The clock was built in Switzerland, a country known for its watches, being certified in 1648. It is decorated with a series of figures with a height of 0.80 meters, symbolizing the seven days of the week, being the works of sculptor Johann Kirschel, and they are made of linden tree wood. Among them, we mention the Goddess of Justice, The Drummer, The Justice, The Sunrise ... basically symbols of everyday behavior in ancient times.






The tower was modernized in 1964 with an electric motor, without diminishing the archaic effect of the clock. The two angels, representing day and night, offer a "dance" of life and time: at 6.00, the little angel representing the Day can be spotted, while at 18.00, the Day is hiding and makes room for the Night, that is, to the little angel with two lighted candles in its hands. The second quadrant, which is directed towards Sighisoara, i.e. towards the Lower Town, has figurines representing the weekdays, installed on a wheel. They move at midnight, thus, marking the change of the day.






Since 1898, the tower serves as a museum of the Sighisoara town, a title that gives to it the status of symbol of the Citadel, and the main attraction for visitors.







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Translated and arranged after a report by: Madalina Diaconu



Source:http://www.cunoastelumea.ro/legenda-ceasului-din-turnurile-cetatii sighisoara/




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