Cluj Napoca surpasses the quality of life of New York City. What other European capitals are under Cluj, regarding this aspect?

24 Jan 2016

World rankings quality of life, conducted by Numbeo, a specialized publication mentions Cluj Napoca as one of the places worth living in.


Considering the parameter "Quality of Life", Cluj-Napoca is ranked 53 worldwide, thus, surpassing surprisingly cities like New York, London, Rome and Paris.


"Quality of Life” is an estimate of overall quality of life by using an empirical formula. This index was calculated according to purchasing power, the safety of residents, health care, consumer goods’ prices and property, crime rates and pollution. "(





Cluj Napoca


Tel Aviv (Israel) is ranked 59, Ankara (Turkey), 61st, Paris (France), 63rd, Budapest (Hungary), 67, and New York (United States), is ranked 76, with 81.97 points.



The first places were occupied by the cities of Zurich (Switzerland), 1st, Canberra (Australia), 2, Ottawa (Canada), 3, Munich (Germany), etc.



"Also, Cluj Napoca is the European Capital of ’fresh air’, according to a ranking conducted by the French magazine ’We Demain’, together with the ’Respire’ association breathe. Leaderboard data show that, in more technical terms, Cluj is the city where there was no exceedance of the suspended particules threshhold, nitrogen dioxide and ozone. "(





Cluj Napoca



Cluj Napoca is the second largest city in Romania, the Cluj County’s residence municipality, and is considered to be the heart of Transylvania. Formerly, it was Cluj County’s  and one of the historical capital of Transylvania.






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Translated and arranged after a report by: Madalina Diaconu









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