A Romanian woman has entered the record books for the longest journey ever made by a human, on foot

21 Feb 2016


How did the Romanian woman Mariea (Mary) Crasmaru Romanian succeed to cross 102 countries, reaching even the two poles? She got the idea after reading about an Englishman’s adventure, who has left to surround the world ... on foot!




Born in Vaslui in 1951, Mary globe-trotted, in the period between 1997-2001, more than 300,000 km, reaching all the seven continents, out of her traveling resulting the longest passport in the world, registered in Guinness World Records, being of 154 pages, and having a length of 19 m long unfolded!


Ea este prima femeie din lume care a străbătut un număr atât de mare de ţări, pe jos. A intrat în cartea recordurilor la categoria „globetrotter”, pentru „cea mai lungă călătorie efectuată vreodată de un om pe jos”.


She is the first woman in the world to have crossed such a large number of countries, on foot. She entered the Guiness records book, under the "globetrotter" category, for "the longest journey ever made by a human on foot".


In her extraordinary adventure, Mary Crasaru climbed to heights of over 6,000 meters, felt temperatures of minus 38 degrees in Antarctica and the temperature of plus 60 degrees in the desert of the United Arab Emirates. At the end of the trip she said the hardest stretch of road was crossing the African savanna!

She started her travel with only $ 600. During the trip she was helped by the Romanian communities in the countries she crossed. She amassed a large collection of photos, over 10,000 images, that she exhibited in various places in the country.

Her records earned her international fame. On her Facebook page, we can find photos from around the world, Mary continuing to travel the world far and wide through images.



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Translated and arranged after a report by: Madalina Corina Diaconu


Source: http://www.cunoastelumea.ro/o-romanca-a-facut-cea-mai-lunga-calatorie-realizata-vreodata-de-un-om-pe-jos/
















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