Melik House, the oldest establishment of Romania's Capital

27 Feb 2016

This house is considered one of the most beautiful monument-building and one of the most beautiful hidden places in Bucharest! The establishment is called ‘Casa Melik’ (Melik House), and it is dated from the second half of the eighteenth century. So it has existed for 250 years. It was built on Spatarului street, at number 22, by a nobleman whose name did not remained written in any document.










He died in 1815 and the house was sold to an Armenian merchant, Kevork Nazaretoglu for $ 1,400 thalers. Nazaretoglu renovated the house in 1822, but while preserving the main walls. The house remains in the family and Ana, his niece, inherits it and she remained to live in it with her husband James Melik, which will name the building.



James Melik was "a supporter of the revolutionary actions from 1848 and the author of the work ‘L'Orient devant L'Occident’, the one that took charge of renovating the house in the second half of the nineteenth century, preserving its original style."


After her husband's death, Anna will bequeath the house, by will, to the Armenian community, in order to make from it "a home for poor widows."












The building was damaged by several fires and in 1969 the parish of the Armenian church donates the Melik house together with surrounding land, to the Popular Council of Bucharest. "The building has benefited from a renovation in 1970 and the most recent in 2009.



Since 1971, the house is host for the ‘Theodor Pallady Museum’.





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Translated and arranged after a report by: Madalina Diaconu




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