University Library "Gheorghe Asachi" from Iasi, 1st among the most beautiful libraries in the world

28 Feb 2016


The Library of the Technical University of Iasi was designated the most beautiful library in the world, the ranking resulting from a survey conducted by the portal: where the vote is open.



Library Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi The most beautiful in the world


At least this is the opinion of many visitors of the site that posted an online survey for nine days.


Over 400,000 users so far analyzed the proposals of the specialized portal, in finding and promoting special images from the world.


The University Library "Gheorghe Asachi" University ranked first in user preferences, an honorable position, given the fact that among the "competitors", there are some architectural masterpieces, such as the Library of Trinity College Dublin, the Portuguese Royal Library in Rio de Janeiro, the National Library in Prague or France. (See photo below - Source


The library of the Technical University of Iasi was founded in 1892.



Biblioteca Regală Portugheză de la Rio de Janeiro


Portuguese Royal Library in Rio de Janeiro




Biblioteca Colegiului Trinity din Dublin


Trinity College Library in Dublin



Biblioteca Naţională din Praga


National Library in Prague






Biblioteca Naţională din Paris


National Library in Paris





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