The secret city beneath Constanta - Seven old churches lay under the streets of the seaside town

10 Apr 2016

Few of the Constanta people know that under their city lay some real treasures. They breathe history at every step, Dobrogea being the area in the country where there were raised most basilicas, between the IV-VII centuries.


Under Constanta buildings, but also under the city’s asphalt, archaeological artifacts are waiting to be unearthed. Research teams have located some archaeological remains of particular significance, but unfortunately their uncovering has stopped. Lack of a possibility to protect and conserve them has led the local specialists to give up digging them out.  



Oraşul secret de sub Constanţa. Şapte basilici se află sub blocurile




Oraşul secret de sub Constanţa. Şapte basilici se află sub blocurile




Oraşul secret de sub Constanţa. Şapte basilici se află sub blocurile






People of Constanta could take pride in the two paleo-Christian basilicas that folding out on the surface beneath Traian Street and Ferdinand Avenue. The Great Basilica, the size of which exceeds 40 meters long and 15 meters wide, lays under the blocks built on "communist" times between those two streets. Without a program of using its touristic potential and putting it under the spotlight, this basilica will also soon be forgotten.




The Minor Basilica is over 30 meters long and is around the same area. At Gate I, the place where buses make their end of route turn, we find another one, from the V century.




The basilicas enumerated above are part of a group of seven of the basilical style of the paleo-christian age and they are among the oldest religious locations in Romania and they could be really interesting touristic objectives for foreign tourists as well as Romanian ones, if only brought to light and conserved.





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