Mysterious and spectacular: Sureanu mountains, in Alba County. Photo

21 Apr 2016



Situated within three counties limits, fortunately Sureanu Mountains are among the mountain ranges of Romania who had less to suffer from human activities. Wild and scenic without being steep and difficult to walk, these mountains still harbor a sublime natural setting with endless forests in which live many species of animals.










Natural and cultural riches of the Sureanu Mountains therefore recommend them, as an ideal destination for trekking in such a distinct scenery for all tourists who want to discover some of the most beautiful mountains in Alba County and beyond!




Apus de soare în Munţii Şureanu


Sunset in Sureanu Mountains -  Photo Source: Shutterstock




Photo: Iezer Sureanu






Lacul Şureanu


Sureanu Lake



The fauna is also varied and characteristicto western Carpathians. Mountain frogs live in lakes and rivers, also, salamanders, newts, native trout, grayling, sander, and other types of wild fish.









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